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Exercise Programs To Last Longer In Bed

While pills and sprays can be a good short-term solution for premature ejaculation, for men who really want to get rid of this problem for good, you can’t go past a quality premature ejaculation program.

What Are The Best Training Books To Last Longer In  Bed?

The best premature ejaculation exercise programs such as Beyond Delay by Mike Anderson work so well because they look at both the mental and physical components that contribute towards premature ejaculation and correct them.

By focusing on both these areas simultaneously men often show a rapid improvement in sexual stamina as they grow in confidence and physical.

A Permanent Fix For Premature Ejaculation

The thing I like about this method and why I recommend it so often is that once you have learned the skills and techniques, the improvement will be permanent and you won’t have to worry about taking drugs, supplements, or fiddling about with sprays and creams ever again.

I’m not going to bother reviewing all the premature ejaculation programs out there because Mike Anderson’s Beyond Delay is the best by far. It’s easy to follow, covers a wide area of ways to improve and it’s not overly expensive. You can read much more about it at Mike’s site.

Many other so-called premature ejaculation books are quite bad and only focus on re-hashed fake penis enlargement excises that are not likely to do much for you at all except waste your time. You can spot these guides as their websites will have lots of fancy graphics, fake reviews splashed everywhere and you will need to purchase through a website called “Clickbank” which is notorious for selling scammy products.

How Long Do you Need To Train To Last Longer in Bed?

While it only takes a few seconds to gulp down a pill, it will take longer to complete all the training before you are able to last 20 minutes or more in bed.

I followed the Beyond Delay guide. It said that it would take me just 4 weeks to finish it all and get to a point where I could last long enough to ensure that my partner is reaching orgasm every time.

Well in my case it was a bit longer. About 5 to 6 weeks and I did the training about 4 times a week. But I did get to a lever where I’m now confident that I can last every time in bed now.



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